With Mango Studio, rest assured there will be no compromise on the degree of service required by you. We leverage technology and human resources to make your projects succeed, while freeing you from the need to invest to build additional technology infrastructure. For companies that have in-house design team or process team, Mango Studio’s role is to provide additional on-demand capacity and enhanced services.


Mango Studio provides its teams with the necessary tools to optimize their performance to achieve established service levels. Our focus is to provide our workforce with the appropriate technology, training, monitoring, review and calibrations to successfully meet business expectation

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Mango Graphic Design Studio is a group of artists, designers and IT specialist who are enthusiastic to grow in the technology industry. We are an experienced crew, having completed various projects spanning different genres. We have a wide-range of skill set, featuring a diverse array of talents from different areas of art and design.  You can expect high quality artwork and designs, very responsible team that provides daily updates and overall great experience that will help you with all your projects. 

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