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Skin Place

Skin Place was launched in the year 2011.=, then a new business concept as total health and wellness aesthetic center serving a diverse market.

Skin Place offers non-invasive aesthetic procedures such as facials for different skin types, non-invasive anti-aging solutions, non-invasive slimming solutions using various mechanical approaches, whitening solutions, laser hair removals, and a whole lot more.


Social Media, Print, Web, Branding


Skin Place



Skin Place availed Mango Studio's services to gain an online presence since this is a more affordable medium in marketing and advertising compared to the traditional.


The Campaign

Mango Graphic Design Studio helps Skin Place reach its target audience thru a complete content strategy that supports their overall business goals.


We regularly create a social media calendar to ensure we have diversity, consistency, and keep our content informative and engaging, covering different types of format customized for each social media platform.


The Results

Skin Place now receives tons of inquiries through messenger and there is a significant increase in sales conversion. 


Mango has provided brand clarity through Social Media.  Customer clearly understands the services Skin Place offers. 

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