Greetings Visionary Company Owners and Entrepreneurs!

Let’s be real. The long term success of your business weighs upon your foresight, adaptability, and your consumer’s understanding of your products and services. 


Your business will struggle to grow without futureproofing your brand, adapting to the ever changing social media standards of the modern world. That’s where we come in.


Right now, for free: Get your brand identity and social media presence audited. 


We are your personal brand and social media strategist. We help you refine your vision, to truly execute your products and services smoothly into reality. 

Businesses have “personalities,” “voices” usually muddied, undefined, and unheard. The level of professionalism of a brand is determined by their design.


This involves websites, logos, package designs and everything that makes you… “you.” Each business has a voice, and we believe yours should be crystal clear, certain. We will help you define and refine your brand identity, designing it to mirror your vision and your consumer’s expectations. 

Once we are absolutely certain of who your brand is and who we want it to become, we will make certain your voice is heard. Our social media strategy services cover the design of everything, from product communications, to digital post scheduling, to copy writing and hashtag-optimization. 


In this digital age, social media presence and a high online follower count is essential to selling your product/services. And we provide beyond the essentials. With your vision, we design online collateral, video animations, anything and everything a business needs to be an online beacon in our digital world.

We are composed of artists, designers, developers and I.T. specialists that will serve as your company’s productivity arm to help you increase efficiency. 

But… All this starts with a simple email. Then, a free 30-minute call with us. (regrettable note: We have monthly slots that must be respected, first come, first served.)) 


We’ll ask questions and clarifications to better understand your business, and how together we will elevate it to another level.


We look forward to sharing your dedication to your brand,

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Mango Graphic Design Studio is a group of artists, designers, and IT specialists who are enthusiastic to grow in the technology industry. We are an experienced crew, having completed various projects spanning different genres. We have a wide range of skill sets, featuring a diverse array of talents from different areas of art and design.  You can expect high-quality artwork and designs, a very responsive team that provides daily updates and overall great experience that will help you with all your projects. 

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