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Scrub Master

Scrub Master is an innovative cleaning product designed for busy working customers in these modern times, with a friendly voice. Helping them feel proud for having a cleaner home, and feel relaxed for gaining more time they can spend with their families.


Brand Identity Design


Scrub Master



Cube Van Mockup 01.jpg

Through a facilitated framework, we've also identified Scrub Master's brand voice. They speak to their customers, team, and others with positivity and authenticity. They are genuine, honest, transparent, friendly, playful, and relatable. 

We've developed their marketing and advertising language. We help craft their brand message, select a color palette and created a brand guide to help them put everything together as they build and launch their first product.


The Logo

Clarity, Functionality and Results.  

While looking through product logos and labels in the cleaning industry, it is apparent that we should use a wordmark with the intent of showing clarity and legibility.  
The swirl graphic element is a symbol of the product’s functionality.  

The sparkle icon signifies the end result of cleanliness after using the product. The logo has a 15° angle that connotes active movement, making the brand look more fun. The shapes are round and soft, they portray security and continuity. We want the brand to exude a sense of high quality, and that it is long lasting

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