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Plantex Solution is an all-Filipino company producing and providing unique and cost-effective environmental products and a complete line of organic cleaning agents using Philippine’s indigenous plants and materials.


Their products have received many accolades through their partnerships with local governments and Industrial companies, many of which become Plantex advocates. 


Packaging, Social Media, Print, Web Design






Mango Graphic Designs Studio's brand-focused social media management has made it easy for Plantex to communicate their products’ features, advantages, and benefits. We were able to communicate purchasing, delivery and product availability, resulting to increased in inquiries and sales

We helped make Plantex brand look premium and not generic, our team takes care of the company’s brand image. We provided clear information on the strategy and implementation. we facilitate timely meetings and excellent gaol setting.

Plantex banner mockup.jpg

The Campaign

We created a strategy to build Plantex’ online brand presence from the ground up. We setup official accounts on Facebook and Instagram and optimized these profiles so customers can easily understand their products. We have created a calendar of what to post on specific days and established three posts per week schedule. We created all image and animated assets, composed the copy, and optimized the hashtags for better searchability. Our posts were clear and concise to communicate Plantex’ highly effective products.

We focused on Facebook growth; this is where most of Plantex target audience were spending time in. We have launched sponsored ads to target these customers.

The Results

After setting up the profile pages and scheduling regular posts for a month, we have decided to launch an awareness campaign with only $100 budget for sponsored ads. On our 6th month we were able to gain 5,000 followers. From then on, followers are increasing organically through regular posting. Plantex now has 7,000 followers. Number of buisness inquiries: 20 - 40 monthly
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