Plantex® is an all-Filipino company producing and providing unique and cost-effective environmental products and complete line of organic cleaning agents using our indigenous plants and materials.

Plantex® Products are all eco-friendly and organic, 100% biodegradable that can be used as odor-eliminator, disinfectant, Multi-Purpose cleaner, degreaser, solid waste and waste water treatment and compost activator. Plantex® products come from recyclable raw materials, otherwise considered as biodegradable waste, like banana trunks and fruits and vegetables that are non-polluting to our environment. 


Plantex® aims provide inexpensive and sustainable solutions for the benefit of the end-consumer.

Mango Graphic  Design Studio created a new corporate identity, web design and packaging for majority of Plantex's products.   Mango also built Plantex's social media presence  which proved to be effective in getting more leads and clients for the company.

  • Corporate Identity Design

  • Product Line Label Designs

  • Packaging Design

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Web Design

  • Billboard 

  • Pull-up Banners

  • Kiosk Design

  • Cart Design

  • Flyer

  • Media Kit

  • Presentation Design

  • Logo Animation

  • Social Media Content Production

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