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NE Bakeshop

NE Bakeshop was established in 1962 and is a popular brand in Nueva Ecija where residents and tourists can taste the freshest and finest cakes & pastries.  They have about 30 branches to date and plans of continuing their expansion. 


Brand Refresh


NE Bakeshop




As we were looking into different NE Bakeshop branches, we found major issues that affects NE’s brand recognition.  There are too many inconsistencies with the colors, style, imagery and layout of the brand.  This will have negative impact on the brand’s image.  The product labels and packaging also had inconsistent branding.  They also had trouble creating signage layout because of the logo’s design issues.

We revised the logo by changing placement of the mascot and removing other elements.  

This new logo will now maximize available spaces in any layout, making it the focal point of whatever design it will be used on.


Aside from the logo refresh, we created a design system which the client can use when applying the new logo onto signages, marketing collateral, product labels and packaging.


We have selected a new font to complement the logo and created new patterns to keep the visual identity fun and modern.

Screenshot 2020-11-03 160036.jpg

NE Bakeshop, now, has a clear brand visual identity which is helping them with design decisions.  They have opened  three new branches in Q3 of 2020 with plans of opening more in Q4 and throughout 2021.  We helped them solved their branding problems by providing clear solutions and actionable suggestions. The new branding has helped them stand out in crowded locations yet still recognized by their loyal customers. We have provided template designs which they can use to expand their product line.


In summary, branches carrying the new brand identity increased their sales by 30% compared to older branches.  NE Bakeshop Increased their brand value, brand retention and recognition,  they get more walk in customers  and people within the company feel proud of their new look!

Screenshot 2020-11-03 160103.jpg
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