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This involves social media pages, websites, logos, package designs and everything that makes you… “you.” Each business has a voice, and we believe yours should be crystal clear, certain. We will help you define and refine your brand identity, designing it to mirror your vision and your consumer’s expectations. 
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What Our Clients Say

Adam Schroeder

CEO Difference Games LLC

Excellent, reliable, works independently, accurate records, extremely talented. If you can't tell already... I highly recommend working with Mango Design Studio and will use them extensively in the future. :) 

Anna Perez

CEO Global Wellness

Mango has helped get my ideas across through their strategy and execution. They can translate all thoughts and ideas precisely as how I would have wanted it. With their intelligent creative approach, the output turns out as perfectly satisfying for a client with a broad vision like mine. Mango can get the job done plus more! I have tried other agencies but only Mango can decipher the creative energy I have in my ideas. Thank you Mango! You read my mind!

David Rohr

CEO DK Network Media

Mango Graphic Design Studio  is my go to studio for logo and brand work, they have developed corporate identities for our clients ranging from roofing companies to yacht manufacturers.

Mango is ah-mazing! Always hits it clear out of the park!

A. Hementera

VP Plantex Solution International Corp.

Mango’s brand-focused social media management has made it easy for our company, Plantex, to communicate our products’ features, advantages and benefits. They were able to communicate purchasing, delivery and product availability, resulting to increased in inquiries and sales

We Help Businesses Improve Brand Messaging to Generate more Leads.

Let’s be real. The long term success of your business weighs upon your foresight, adaptability, and your consumer’s understanding of your products and services. 
Your business will struggle to grow without futureproofing your brand, adapting to the ever changing social media standards of the modern world. That’s where we come in.

We are your professional social media strategist. We help you refine your vision, to truly execute your products and services smoothly into reality. 

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