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Casa Julieta

Casa Julieta is a Boutique Hotel located in Davao City.  This is the second establishment they developed and is the extension of Cafe Julieta.


Brand Identity Design


Casa Julieta



08_sketch_mockup_casa Julieta.jpg

Casa Julieta is an extension of Cafe Julieta, Mango Graphic Design Studio helped developed a new identity system that is reminiscent of the first one we create for the Cafe.  

Mango Graphic Design created a brand guide for Casa Julieta.  These guidelines describe the visual and verbal elements that represent Casa Julieta’s visual identity. This includes the logo and other elements such as color, type, and graphics. 

Casa Julieta logo _files-02.jpg

The Logo

The Casa Julieta Logo comprises two elements, the logo symbol, and logotype. The Logo Symbol is a powerful image evoking the personality of the main chef’s grandmother. 

The Logo Type has been carefully chosen for its classic and yet refined, highly legible style, which has been further enhanced by the use of upper and lower letters. The typeface is Baskerville Old Face and has also been chosen to compliment and balance perfectly with the logo symbol.

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